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HOPPA is providing a valuable service to many people in the community. We provide transport to those in Waverley who are rurally isolated, disabled or mobility impaired or those who cannot access Public Transport. To be able to access these valuable services all travellers must be members of the Hoppa Club.

Our services include:
The HOPPA SHOPPA a door to door minibus service from surrounding areas into the local town. The charge for this service is £1.50 for up to 5 miles and £2 for 5 to 10 miles.

The HOPPA RANGER a door to door bespoke service, for example you may have a mobility issue and need accessible transport to a specific location. The for this service a minimum charge of £5 which will take you 5 miles and thereafter £1 per mile travelled inside the Waverley area. A further passenger will be charged a flat fee of £2. We also provide this service outside of the Waverley area and willing to travel nationwide the cost will be subject to time and mileage.

The HOPPA TOURER for voluntary groups and organisations to use for outings, group meetings, conferences, theatre trips and more. The average charge for this service is £20 per hour with a driver depending again on time and mileage.

We provide contracted services to Day Centres, schools, local clubs, and provide Social Services transport.

To find out how we can help you, to join the Hoppa club or if you have a journey in mind contact us on:

Tel: 01428 681701
Or visit our website: