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Ewhurst LEAP is a voluntary group that exists to promote Agenda 21 in the village. We want to see;

Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone. Everyone should share in the benefits of increased prosperity and a clean and safe environment. We have to improve access to services, tackle social exclusion, and reduce the harm to health caused by poverty, poor housing, unemployment and pollution. Our needs must not be met by treating others, including future generations and people elsewhere in the world, unfairly.

Effective protection of the environment. We must act to limit global environmental threats, such as climate change; to protect human health and safety from hazards such as poor air quality and toxic chemicals; and to protect things which people need or value, such as wildlife, landscapes and historic buildings.

Prudent use of natural resources. This does not mean denying ourselves the use of non-renewable resources like oil and gas, but we do need to make sure that we use them efficiently and that alternatives are developed to replace them in due course. Renewable resources, such as water, should be used in ways that do not endanger the resource or cause serious damage or pollution.

Maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment, so that everyone can share in high living standards and greater job opportunities.

We believe that everyone in the village can take practical steps to help turn these ideas into reality. Since 1999, LEAP has organised the annual Ewhurst Clear Out Day, organised litter picks, helped clear public footpaths, organised recycling schemes and held public meetings in the village. If you would like to see Ewhurst develop "sustainably" in the way explained above, please come and join us. If you have ideas for other projects that the group could develop we'd love to hear them.

Please contact us by telephoning 01483 268627 or e-mailing joanna@joannacadman.com
Or vist our website at: www.ewhurstleap.org.uk

Joanna Cadman.