EwCare is a "Good Neighbour Scheme" similar to many others in operation in Surrey villages.

Its aim is to put people who are in need of non-specialist help in touch with someone who can provide that help.

All helpers are offering their time and service free because they want Ewhurst and Ellens Green villages to continue their reputation for friendship and care. Any request for help is made to the duty officer who is normally available by telephone between 10 and 12 noon, Monday to Friday. She or he has details of what each volunteer is able to do and also of their availability and matches the request for help with the most appropriate volunteer. Once the arrangement has been finalised and the paperwork completed, the volunteer carries out the request and usually collects a voluntary donation to cover basic expense.

There is no set routine for the volunteers and they are free to decline any request for help.

EwCare has been running since October 1998. The majority of requests have been for transport, and most of those for medical appointments. However, we have volunteers who can respond to a wide variety of requests and are delighted to handle such items as mending door handles, light gardening or just visiting for a chat.

For more information, either as a volunteer or because you need help, just call the EwCare number 01483 277606 and then talk to the Duty Officer. Sponsored by Local Charities & Cornhill Insurance.

Contact: 01483 277 606