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Bowls is a very popular sport which is both skilful and social. It is easy to learn, requires no special level of fitness, and does not require expensive equipment. Although wrongly seen by many as an older person's sport, today's top players are relatively young and we welcome men and women of all ages – whether or not they have played before, including youngsters from the age of 13. For beginners, coaching is available either individually or as short courses run by the clubs, including two on behalf of Cranleigh U3A. The spacious pavilion, specially built in 1996 with Lottery Sports Council funding to accommodate short mat bowls, has a well used kitchen and bar, while the adjoining green has a beautiful rural setting on the western approach to the village, and is widely regarded as one of the best in the area.

Ewhurst Bowling Club

The Ewhurst Bowling Club plays in the summer in the open air on grass. "Roll-ups", where the play is informal and social, are held on Monday and Friday afternoons (2 pm) and evenings (6 pm). Friendly matches are played against local clubs and are likewise informal and social. For the more advanced player, the club runs internal competitions, participates in local leagues and encourages participation in Surrey and West Surrey competitions. All club roll-ups and friendly matches are mixed, while league and county activities are generally split into both men's and women's competitions.

Ewhurst Short Mat Bowls Club

The Ewhurst Short Mat Bowls Club plays in the winter. Short mat bowls, as the name implies, is played on mats that fit into the average village hall and has grown rapidly in popularity over the last 20 years. Informal "roll-up" sessions are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (10am), afternoons (2 pm) and evenings (7.30 pm). All games are mixed, with no differentiation between men and women. There are number of internal competitions and the club participates in local leagues and county competitions, meeting with considerable success – in 2008 both the winners and the runners-up of the Surrey pairs competition came from the Ewhurst club.


Social meetings are run for the members of both clubs several times a year. Recent events include a barn dance, a crazy whist evening and a visit to the greyhound track.


For equipment, members will need approved bowling shoes (around £40) and, for outdoor play and for indoor matches against other clubs, grey trousers/skirt/culottes, a white shirt/blouse and a white sweater/jacket – although in a break with tradition, the outdoor club is also introducing new coloured tops. The club has a number of sets of club bowls for beginners to try out, after which most members then buy a set of four bowls to fit their hand size (cost approximately £80).


Membership of the Ewhurst Bowling Club costs £80 a year, reflecting the cost of upkeep of the green.

Membership of the Ewhurst Short Mat Bowls Club costs just £30 a year.

If you would like to see what we offer, try your hand at either game before making up your mind, or have any other query, please do feel free to contact us and we shall be delighted to welcome you.

Contact for both Clubs: Roger Newman (01483 753140) or