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Working Groups are key to delivering the Neighbourhood Plan

Guided by our Steering Group, and supported by the Central Support & Co-ordination Group, each Working Group is responsible for a cluster of work streams and topic areas.

Their task is to gather evidence (through desk analysis, field research, community consultations/workshops and a whole parish survey), to draw conclusions, develop ideas and work up reasoned policy proposals that - justified by the evidence - set out how our parish should be developed and improved.

Working group members are community volunteers, with each Working Group and the Central Support Group led by a member of our Steering Group.

We begin the Neighbourhood Plan process with two Working Groups.

Each group is responsible for evidence- gathering and policy proposals, on these topics:

Working Group 1 - Housing; Business; Environment & heritage.
Working Group 2 - Community facilities; Traffic & transport; Utilities Infrastructure.

See panel on right for current Working Group members.

Why gather evidence?

Neighbourhood Plans can't simply reflect the ideas and wishes of a local community without factual underpinning. Any policy or proposal that could shape development and change in the locality must be justified and supported by 'evidence'.

Gathering and documenting such evidence is a major part of the work that goes into preparing an NP. The Working Groups' evidence reports on different topics are here.

More information on the Working Groups' topics and roles; and how the Steering Group, the Central Support Group and the Working Groups work together with the community to deliver the Neighbourhood Plan is here.

A summary chart showing the organisation structure for building our Neighbourhood Plan is here.

Interested in volunteering to help deliver our Neighbourhood Plan?

More volunteers for the Steering Group, the Central Support & Co-ordination Group and the Working Groups are very welcome.

Please contact the Steering Group - see panel on right.

Learn more about what's involved by reading Delivering the Neighbourhood Plan. Also see Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Planning

Advice for working groups in 'Keeping it Simple' and 'Writing Planning Policies'

Members of the Steering Group

Henning von Spreckelsen (Chair)

T: 07771 892 905

Bob Arnold

T: 01483 273441

Paddy Geoghegan

T: 01483 275001

Val Henry – Parish Councillor

T: 01483 275380

Phil Gardner

T:07831 501707

Tim Hurley

T:01483 268968

Mike Turner
T: 01483 277387

Parish Council Liaison member


Members of Working Group 1

Work completed - thank you

Members of Working Group 2

Work completed - thank you

Members of Working Group 3
Liasing with Consultant

Members of Working Group 4
Working on part C of the Plan

Members of Working Group 5