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This is just the start…

…of the process of building a Neighbourhood Plan for Ewhurst & Ellens Green.

We have considerable flexibility over what our Plan can contain.

When it's finished, Our Neighbourhood Plan might include:

Vision and Aims.

The Plan can set out the community's overall vision for the area, including overall aims for its future development and growth.

These can relate to a wide range of planning and regeneration matters – social, economic and environmental. The vision and aims of the plan can then be translated into detailed policies, guidance and proposals.

Planning Policies

A Neighbourhood Plan, once made, will form part of the statutory local development plan for the area and its policies will be used to determine development proposals in the neighbourhood. Planning applications will be determined in accordance with the the Plan's policies unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Site Allocations

The Plan may identify key sites for specific kinds of development, such as housing, retail, employment or mixed use.

Community Proposals

Regeneration or enhancement proposals relating to the use and development of land could be included in the Plan. For example, it could include policies around improving key public spaces and pedestrian links or site allocations for new community facilities.

Read more about Neighbourhood Planning and what can go into a Plan here. Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Planning and Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap guide.

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What's the process for building our Neighbourhood Plan?
How long will it take?

Full information about the Neighbourhood Planning process is in the Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide

Using this information the Ewhurst & Ellens Green NP Steering Group has drawn up a schedule for the work and also a summary table showing estimated dates for key stages.

From start to finish the Neighbourhood Planning process is likely to take 18 - 24 months. Some of this time is dictated by consultation and notice periods built into the process.

Delivering the Neighbourhood Plan

Good organisation, enthusiasm and commitment are key to the successful delivery of our Plan. Go to the Working Groups page for information on what topics these groups cover and how the working groups and the NP Steering Group are working together to deliver our Plan.